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Lake Erie - Long Point Bay - Baer Kayak Fishing

Lake Erie - Long Point Bay


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 Lake Erie's Long Point Bay is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve!  The inner bay ranges depts of 2-10', and warms up early in the spring creating ideal spawning grounds for Lake Erie's warm water species such as Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Gar Pike, Perch Carp and more.


Starting in early May, we offer guided Northern Pike, Gar Pike, Carp and Perch adventures on Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks and on Blue's Bass Boat.  During this time of year, the Long Point Bay is full of life!  You will see thousands of carp crashing along the miles of weedy shoreline.  They carp will always deliver a show, whether you are targeting them or not.  The amount of Gar Pike in the inner bay at this time will also astound you!  We know the spots and can hook guests into these toothy and prehistoric dinosaurs.

Northern Pike are here in decent numbers as well and a personal favourite to target for Barna and Blue in the spring.  


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Bass Boat tours: $ 479 (5 hours)

Book Lake Erie Bass Boat tours - e mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: (519) 718 8113

 Book Long Point Bay - Hobie Kayak Adventures: Starting at $99LPEA-logo



Long Point Bay fishing tours launch from defferent locations depending on the time of year, species targeted and weather conditions.  We use Long Point Eco Adventures as a "home base" which is just 3 km from where most summer time bass tours launch from.

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